This CAM license is needed and required when a person gets compensated for managing the responsabilities related to a community or when this community exceeds its own budget for more than $100.000. So the person in charge seems to be somewhat trustworthy in the eyes of the rest of the

In order to obtain this license, the applicant must be over 18 years old, fill an application form completely, provide legit and approved electronic fingerprints, pay the established fees, get an educative pre-licensure course of 18 hours (If the person cannot take this course in person, they can also do it by letter or online as long as legal and accepted provider gives this service to the person), be morally acceptable and endorse the State examination. If the person was in prison before, they can also be eligible to apply, their documents will be checked and the person will be evaluated in order to know if the person can be morally approved.