Cam HOA License

cam-dora-classesA community association management firm must be licensed, and each community association manager within the firm must be licensed.

The term “Community association management” has being defined as the management of community associations for compensation when the association or associations served to contain more than 10 units or have an annual budget or budgets in excess of $100,000.

In addition, has been also defined as a business that engages in the business of community association management as defined above. Examples of compensation are cash, goods, services, etc. These items are offered as examples of services you do need to hire a person with an accurate license and services you do not need to hire a person with a license.

Only individuals holding a pre-licensing credential, successfully passing the state mandated test, completing a fingerprint-based criminal history background check and meeting the insurance requirements of having in effect both errors and omissions and crime fidelity insurance policies will be issued a license.

Additionally, licensed CAMs will be required to obtain continuing professional education before renewing their license.